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14 September 2011

Band of MTB Riders


Band of MTB Riders 

[From Band of MTB Riders Facebook description]
The trail is a relatively short trail approx 1.2 km. It is designed wide enough to ensure the safety of beginner riders, and at the same time, requires a high technical ability of an expert rider. The trail incorporates a variety of climbs and descend of steep and moderate slopes. A number of technically challenging switchbacks or hairpin turns that demands a high concentration of balancing your weight while on your bike. Best of all, riders will have to be on extra alert avoiding trees and difficult angled turns that requires a good feel for braking control through out the whole trail. Adjoining the trail, there is a dedicated area for basic dirt jump and free ride area. 

Bombers trail is being maintained on a voluntary basis by every bombers member. While they welcome everyone to come and share this little trail with them, they ask the responsibility of keeping the trail clean and free from trash or food leftovers as it would only attract wild animals onto the vicinity of the bombers trail. They would like to invite everyone in the MTB community to tryout their trail and on behalf of everyone at the Band of MTB riders, they wish you a great ride at the MTB park.

Article about the trail can be read here. The location map of the trail can be refer here and here.

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