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22 September 2011

Bicycle Commuting

A bicycle commuter at Vienna, Austria. Picture from Wikipedia

Bicycle commuting

Bicycle commuting is the use of a bicycle to travel from home to a place of work or study — in contrast to the use of a bicycle for sport, recreation or touring.

Commuting especially lends itself to areas with relatively flat terrain and arrangements to keep riders relatively safe from the hazards of accidents with motorized traffic, e.g. separated bicycle lanes and a general acceptance of cyclists as traffic participants.

As a rather cheap means of transportation as well as physical exercise at the same time, bicycle commuting offers potential health, economic and quality of life benefits — offsetting potential risks and inconveniences including limitations to travel distance, security risks, increased travel time, safety risks, impact to personal hygiene, exposure to inclement weather and load carrying limitations.

Bicycle features that enhance commuting include racks or panniers for storage, battery or dynamo-powered lights for increased visibility, mudguards or fenders to minimize the impact of inclement weather, a chain guard to protect clothing, and an upright sitting position for increased visibility.
Article from Wikipedia

A dedicated cycling lane in Putrajaya. Hope to see it full of cyclist in the future ( :

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